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The Cream of Dippin' Dots

The Dippin’ Dots story began more than a quarter of a century ago and continues to embody fun and excitement for fans across the globe.

In 1988, microbiologist Curt Jones used his knowledge of cryogenic technology to invent Dippin’ Dots – an unconventional ice cream treat that’s remarkably fresh and flavorful -- introducing the world to beaded ice cream.

Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream proved to be irresistibly fun to eat. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the Dippin’ Dots dealer network began and various theme and amusement parks discovered their customers’ love for the exciting new ice cream. In 1995, Dippin’ Dots were first introduced to an international market, with their debut in Japan. In 2000, the company’s dealer network evolved into what is now an award-winning franchise system with locations coast-to-coast. Today, Dippin’ Dots can be found in more than 100 shopping centers and retail locations, and in more than a thousand theme parks, stadiums, arenas, movie theaters and other entertainment venues across the country.

In 2012, Dippin’ Dots was purchased by Fischer Enterprises, a family owned company that has brought renewed strength and vitality to the Dippin’ Dots business. Under the direction of president Scott Fischer, availability of Dippin’ Dots products has increased through a variety of outlets including expanded e-commerce home delivery, thousands of new locations in the drug and convenience store channel, hundreds of additional fair, festival, and event locations, and a new co-branded mall model with its sister popcorn franchise, Doc Popcorn.

As the company grows, so does the fan base of millions that have fallen in love with the fun and fascinating Dippin’ Dots brand.  Fans of all ages are compelled to share their Dippin’ Dots experience, from their first bite to the delight in finding the next, giving Dippin’ Dots an ever expanding social and digital presence.

After 30 years of business, new generations of Dippin’ Dots fans emerge –influenced by their young adult parents who grew up eating Dippin’ Dots.  Now catering to a generation who does not know a world without Dippin’ Dots, the company maintains its vision: Create fun, Make memories.

Dippin' Dots are made at the company's Administrative, Sales, Franchising, and Production headquarters in Paducah, Kentucky

Doc Popcorn logo

The Kernels of Doc Popcorn

Inspired by “mom and pop” kettle corn makers at farmers’ markets, our founders, Rob & Renee Israel, had a dream to create a better-for-you, wholesome snack in a variety of mouth-watering, smile inducing flavors. In 2003, that dream POPPED and the first Doc Popcorn location was opened at Flatiron Crossing Mall outside Boulder, Colorado.

More locations in Colorado followed as word of Doc Popcorn spread. Successful locations outside of malls were opened as well; POPcarts at Mile High Stadium and the Pepsi Center in Denver proved that any high traffic venue is the perfect place for Doc Popcorn.  In 2009, we expanded nationally through franchising, with Doc Popcorn being recognized as one of the hottest snack franchises in the country.

The love of popcorn is international, and so is Doc Popcorn! In 2014, through master franchise agreements, we opened our first locations in Tokyo, Japan.  Since then, more international locations have joined the Doc Popcorn family – bringing crunchy deliciousness to snack-lovers in Chile and Oman.

Doc Popcorn was purchased in 2014 by Dippin’ Dots. Under the direction of Scott Fischer, we joined Dippin’ Dots as a sister company, based in Paducah, Kentucky. The marriage of Doc Popcorn and Dippin’ Dots -- sweet & salty -- has been a great success, as new Co-Brand stores have opened featuring both delicious treats. Doc Popcorn also launched its online store, based in Paducah, and began delivering freshly popped treats to customers throughout the US. 

Few people can resist the smell of fresh popped popcorn – that’s our best advertising. But it’s our dedication to customer service that truly drives Doc Popcorn.  Our main reason for being in business is Creating Smiles. We strive to keep our customers happy, satisfied, and coming back for more Doc Popcorn.

So, while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are seriously the best tasting popcorn on the planet*. Pop in for a Smile!

*Based on an informal survey of the gang in the Doc Popcorn office and their moms.


Co Branding store Doc Popcorn and Dippin Dots
"The Perfect Combo!"

Serena W.

Co-brand Franchisee, New Mexico

"Dippin’ Dots has been available at the Coronado Center for over 25 years. The addition of Doc Popcorn enhances our customer experience and gives them another reason to come back."